Coating manholes - before

TPT Coating is an applicator of specialized coatings in the water, sewer and steam industry. We prefer the Duramer® coating system product which is approved by several North Carolina municipalities including Raleigh, Wilmington, Fuquay Varina as well as St. Louis, MO. Duramer® is listed in the Raleigh specification handbook. The Duramer Coating system has proven itself to be the most efficient coating offered in the industry today.

The coatings are designed to protect the structures from the acidic conditions often found in the sewer environment. Existing structures that are beginning to show acid attack are a substantial part of our business. The coating is applied also to new structures.

In addition to applying specialized coatings, TPT Coating also applies cementitious linings to existing manholes and pump stations. This “rehab” process helps prolong the life of the water and sewer infrastructure, saving municipalities the costly expense of replacing the structures.

Coating manholes - after

TPT coating provides all of the prep work to the structure prior to applying any coating. This includes acid washing new structures, thoroughly washing existing structures to ensure no loose sediment is evident, stopping any infiltration that exists, and ensuring the surface is in a dry state to accept the Duramer coating.

TPT Coating uses specialized equipment to ensure proper application of the coatings and or cementitious lining. Some of the equipment used has been designed in house to meet our specific needs. Examples include: heavy duty blower/dryer; hydraulic equipment used to wash down the structure, apply the concrete, or apply the coatings; and mechanical bypass plugs used in the manhole to bypass service lines or flow through.

Our employees are trained to apply coatings in the aggressive environments found in the sewer industry. Each employee participates in a certified closed confinement training class prior to being in the field. Each employee is trained on monitoring gases, use of safety equipment, use of personal protection equipment, and a full understanding of the products being applied.