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Client Testimonial [Duke University, Durham, North Carolina]

Taking the Wet off of Steam

I recently stumbled on to a product/service that has potential for all of my counter parts across the nation. As facilities manager at Duke University, I have constantly had to budget for insulation repairs on our steam pipes due to wet, damaged insulation. The facilities maintenance at Duke has been “fighting” wet and/or submerged steam pits as long as I have been here. We were recently approached by a company in Chapel Hill/Durham, TPT Coating, who made claims of a unique product that could help solve our problems.

Coating manholes

I was somewhat skeptical, but accepted the invitation of TPT Coating to come out and show me how they could “dry out” my steam manholes. To simplify the process, they made drill & inject point repairs, along with other “secret” repairs to stop the water flow into the box.

Next, they applied two coats of primer to the (now dry) walls, two coats of an intermediate and a final top coat to finish the process. The intermediate and top coat have a flexible characteristic that expands with heat, contracts with cold and keeps the floors and walls in these pits dry.

As an added bonus, TPT Coating used their unique product to coat and seal the steam pipes. Using a similar process, they applied their product on top of the insulation that covers the pipes. This protective coating ensures that the insulation will remain dry, preventing the popping off effect that often occurs when the insulation becomes wet.

The combination of coating the walls and pipes ensures us that we will not be spending money to re-insulate the pipes on an on going basis as we have in the past. This process also results in a more consistent transfer of steam! I am extremely excited about the savings this process can present our university. I am also pleased with the looks of these coated steam pits!

The same product/services apply to our sewer manholes and pump stations as well.

Coating and sealing steam pipes

The following points should help outline the benefits to consider:

TPT Coating has locations in Durham, NC, Chapel Hill, NC and St. Louis, MO. They can cover any area within the US. For more information about this unique product/process, contact them at 919-479-0758.